Learning a new way, maybe a new favorite word.

They say just start typing and let it roll. First I have to say I just finished a book “f**k It the ultimate spiritual way” by John Parkin. The book makes life appear so easy, maybe my new favorite term is going to be “f**K It” and let it flow. He talks about religion, relationships, health, diet, work and how to de-stress.  The eyes were open to how much stress is caused by just the smallest things which can lead to some very large bad things happening to us and those around us. For example: I decide to have a real sandwich with that god awful wheat in it, I begin to stress what have i done to myself, I then stress, is Wanda going to find out, now I start to really feeling guilty my stomach starts to react is it the wheat or is it stress! LO, “F**K IT.” Just tell myself enjoy the sandwich, tell Wanda about it and laugh together.  Small item but profound concept of letting go and bringing balance to life.

Maybe it’s time to stop dieting and just start eating better, I have and what a load off.  

Maybe It’s ok to look in the mirror and instead of beating yourself up, you say “hello good looking”.

Maybe laying on the ground and looking up and viewing the clouds and seeing objects or not, is just the right thing to do, right now.  Feeling that breeze raise goose bumps at 55 is outstanding.

Thanks for reading, 

PS My 18 Month old Grandson just had his first haircut and it was the coolest thing to watch what a little man you are Moose!

About hoffie55

Wanda and I have been married for 33+ years and are on the quest to keep moving, we are doing this through great trips and Yoga.
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