Laying off the Wheat

Wheat free! Since the 26th of December we have been Wheat free, no wheat means things like licorice, cereal, toast, muffins, and of course Pizza! That means if it says Gluten free it’s ok to eat, so Saturday the 19th we went to Pensacola for a grocery trip to pick up some great cheese from Four Winds fine food market, and we decided to go to lunch at Mellow Mushroom for a gluten free pizza, we are anticipating the carb rush we’re about to have. What we discovered is the gluten free dough tasted ok but there was no carb rush, you get full faster and are not interested in taking the leftovers home. With the wheat dough we would have cleaned all of the 14 inch pizza and would want to hungry again when we came off the carb rush or sugar rush of the wheat. The wheat today is a drug and the Government with there healthy food suggestions to eat more whole grains and American Diabetes Association that says whole grains are good are supporting the wheat drug trade. Tomorrow I will be one month wheat free and I will tell you what that has meant to me.

About hoffie55

Wanda and I have been married for 33+ years and are on the quest to keep moving, we are doing this through great trips and Yoga.
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